About Us

A Brief History of Our Restaurant

Founded in March of 1988, Captain Jerry's Seafood in Fayetteville, NC is one of the first establishments on South Reilly Road. During our opening, there was a line around our building from the moment we opened until the time we closed. Currently, there are other eateries in the area, but many of our first customers are still our patrons today.

Our restaurant is a local favorite because of our delicious food and affordable prices. In addition, all of our menu items are made-to-order, including seafood, steak, chicken, pasta, and healthy, broiled dishes. We also have a beer and wine menu.

Many community members use our banquet room, which can seat 75 people comfortably. Also, we provide takeout to people who want seafood on the go. For those seeking a tasty fish dinner for less than $10.00, we offer a wide range of daily specials.

Our Owners

Founded by brothers George and Andreas Anagnostopoulos, our restaurant has been and always will be a family venture. The second generation, Jerry, Stella, and Spyro, grew up in the business, working at an early age and learning the family trade.

In 2014, Stella retired from the business. She moved and had a daughter, whom our family adores. Today, Jerry and Spyro own and operate our restaurant.

Throughout the years, we have won a number of awards and have been recognized many times. These honors include the Golden A Awards, Braxton Bragg Awards, Serve Safe Certificates, and The Fayetteville Observer's Readers' Choice award for best seafood.

We have also received recognition from many groups and clubs that gather monthly at our location. However, our most rewarding accomplishment is earning the loyalty of generations of customers. For nearly 3 decades, countless patrons have enjoyed the food and fellowship we offer at our restaurant.

"We look forward to serving the area for years to come. We would like to thank everyone for their patronage, and a special thanks to our military service for everything you have done for our country."

–Jerry Anagnostopoulos

To place an order and learn more about our restaurant, call us today at

910-864-8691 or 910-864-6703.